Cracking the Code

Finding the Right Medical Coder Solution

Medical coding is a key factor in revenue cycle efficiency and integrity for every healthcare organization. The accuracy of an organization's coders directly affects its data integrity, its compliance, and even its healthcare quality rankings. Because prompt, accurate coding is essential to receiving timely reimbursement, coding also affects an organization's payment denials and cash flow.

To support their organizations' revenue and data needs, HIM directors and coding managers must maintain an appropriate staff of quick and accurate coders. However, maintaining coding resources at the ideal level to optimize productivity without incurring unnecessary staffing expenses requires a delicate balancing act.

Understaffing forces your available coders to code faster to keep up with the workload, potentially compromising data accuracy and compliance. Variations in coding volume and gaps in coder skills present additional challenges that can compromise your organization's data integrity, delay billing, and increase the risk of payment denials, resulting in revenue loss.

In short, handling medical coding in-house is a complex and often difficult task. Choosing the right coding solutions vendorcan help your organization boost productivity, enhance coding accuracy, and improve revenue flow—not to mention make your life easier.

But how do you crack the code and choose the ideal medical coding solution for your organization?

Know Your Options

Partnering with the right coding solutions vendor can provide your organization with several benefits, including:

Greater productivity

Fewer claims denials

More accurate coding

Optimized reimbursements

Improved compliance

Enhanced revenue flow and decreased AR days

Fewer delays in billing

Cracking the code starts with understanding what options are available to your organization. There are different types of coding solutions, each one offering distinct advantages.

Here's a closer look at the benefits coding solutions vendors can provide:

What to Look for When Choosing a Medical Coding Solution

Each of these three medical coding solutions models offers many benefits. No matter which model you're considering for your organization, selecting the right coding solutions vendor is key to maximizing your return on investment.

To find the perfect fit, look for a vendor that offers the following:

Obtaining medical coding support can be a game changer for healthcare organizations. To get the most from your solution and your vendor relationship, it's important to carefully assess your organization's needs and thoroughly understand all your options.

Whether you choose to outsource coding entirely, augment your in-house coding team for transitional support, or partner with a vendor that provides consultative assistance, take the time to select the perfect coding solution for you. The right choice can boost your healthcare organization's productivity, improve coding accuracy, minimize denials of payment, and enhance revenue flow.

Ciox Health offers healthcare providers numerous coding and education solutions. With a 97% coder retention rate, Ciox provides resource continuity and a depth of knowledge. Using a proprietary software system, Ciox can enhance coding workflow, provide regular reporting with advanced analytics, and can even identify skills gaps down to the individual coder. The professionals at Ciox truly understand your industry, your challenges, and your organization's specific needs.