5 Reasons

It's estimated that more than 400,000 personal injury claims are filed in the U.S. each year. In fact, a single mass tort case can require requests for 100,000 or more medical records. Does it sometimes seem like your law firm is handling all of these requests? Manual medical record retrieval is frustrating and steals time from critical case preparation activities. An online solution may save your firm time, cut costs, and increase revenues. Here are five reasons your law firm should consider switching to online medical record retrieval.

1. Online request and delivery process

No one at your firm wants to spend hours calling multiple providers and then faxing over medical record requests. An online medical record request system speeds up the process right from the start. Simply enter a medical record request into the web-based system and hit Submit. The online portal handles the rest. This eliminates time-consuming manual processes that impede effective case preparation.

2. Online tracking of request submission, status, and delivery

No more phone tag or endless email chains to check with providers on the status of a record request. No more tracking and updating the status of each request on spreadsheets. Instead, an online system tracks the progress of each request in real time. Eliminating back-and-forth with providers frees up your staff's valuable time for core firm work that generates revenue.

3. Rapid turnaround from request to delivery

Waiting months for critical medical records can hinder case preparation and delay a case. Online medical records request and delivery takes less than two weeks, not months, giving you more time to prepare cases and strategy. And if you choose an online solution that offers process transparency, you can quickly check the real-time status of each request online.

4. No need to digitize records

No matter what type of document you request or how the healthcare provider sends it—digitally, by fax, or by mail—online systems deliver everything to you digitally, ready to attach to your firm’s case management system. Look for a provider that includes chart summaries, sorting, indexing, linking, and Bates stamping to make working with records during case prep even easier.

5. Eliminates manual payment processes

Online services remain up-to-date on state statutes regarding payments, so your firm never gets overcharged. The right service can track and confirm all amounts owed to providers, then handle payment for you. That saves time, ensures accuracy, and reduces costs. Instead of tracking and managing dozens of invoices and issuing multiple payments to providers, you pay one monthly invoice from the record retrieval service.